Message from the President & CEO

Based on Kawada’s unique corporate philosophy and business concept, we aim to be a company that provides enjoyment, enrichment, and excitement in the lives of a wide range of people on a global scale.

Since its establishment in 1952, Kawada has continued to operate as a domestic wholesaler, manufacturer, and import agent of toys in Japan. Meanwhile, consumer lifestyles have changed drastically. Furthermore, we are facing unprecedented social changes such as ageing populations and declining birth rates.
We believe that corporate development will not be possible without flexible and agile management that responds to the rapid changes in the social environment. Kawada’s Purpose is “to create a heart-rich society through nourishing the people around the world with “Learn”, “Play”, “Enjoy”, and “Healing”, centered on toys.
It is our great mission to provide the people around the world regardless of age or gender with fun, enrichment, and excitement on their daily lives.
In addition, while globalization has long been a topic of discussion, Kawada is boldly taking on the challenge of expanding into overseas markets. We aim to be a company that can provide fun and excitement to people around the world through transmitting “Cool Japan” with “nanoblock”. We will also put into practice our company motto of ”Courtesy, Honesty, and Fighting Spirit”, form a group of people with a family-like atmosphere, and contribute to the society.

Kawada Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Masakazu Kobayashi
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