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  • nanoblock+

    nanoblock+ is a form of nanoblock targeting and nurturing the imagination of kids 5 years old and over. It is a perfect size for kids and even adults can enjoy.

  • diablock

    diablock adopts the “double spring structure” system for children who may have a weak grip. This allows for an easy fit and making it easy to assemble and remove.

  • パーラービーズ

    Perlerbeads allows you to easily make a variety of motifs. Just layout your favorite color and pattern, then apply heat with an iron.

  • nanobeads

    nanobeads are mini sized ironing beads designed for adults. Smaller than Perlerbeads, it’s just like drawing or painting!

  • other brands

    In addition to the above brands, we also have “wooden toys”, “educational toys” and various types of products.