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We at KAWADA aim to become a company that provides joy, enrichment and excitement to the lives of people of all ages, based on our unique corporate philosophy and business concept.

Founded in 1952, KAWADA has a long corporate history.
During this period, the toy industry has gone through rapid changes, as has the lifestyle of consumers. And now, with the declining birth rate and the graying of society, we are faced with a change of environment like nothing we have ever experienced before.

We believe growth is possible only if we face up squarely to this major change in the life stages as we run our business.

Four keywords define KAWADA's business concept: learn, play, enjoy and heal. We see it as our essential mission to provide joy, enrichment and excitement to the lives of people, regardless of age or gender, by seeking products from manufacturers and developing products on our own that live up to this concept.

While globalization has now become a household word, we at KAWADA are also making inroads into overseas markets upholding the same concept.

By marketing our popular nanoblock and other products that help popularize Japanese products overseas, we aim to become a company that provides joy and excitement to people around the world.

Based on our corporate motto of "be courteous, conscientious and tenacious," we wish to become a family-like company imbued with a sense of humanity and to continue to contribute to society.

Kawada Co. Ltd. President Junichi Ishii